Apertura 2017 Week 4 Results: Puebla 1, Tijuana 1

Week 4 began last night with a matchup of disappointing teams both looking to get their first win of the year, but for both Puebla & Tijuana it was not to be as the offensively-hapless teams played to a defensive-minded 1-1 tie. Both goals came in the second half-Christian Marrugo put Puebla ahead first with a 47th minute then Tijuana’s first goal of the year came from Gustavo Bou in the 56th minute. That’s right-Tijuana, which has averaged about 2 goals a game the last year-plus, has ONE goal so far this year. How times gave changed.

Game Stats:
Goals-Christian Marrugo (Puebla, 47′, 1st of tournament), Gustavo Bou (Tijuana, 56′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Puebla 3, Tijuana 1
Corner Kicks-Puebla 1, Tijuana 1
Amarillas-Tijuana 2 (Bou, 69′, Michael Orozco, 85′), Puebla 1 (Fabian Villasenor, 86′)

Venue: Estadio Cuauhtemoc, Puebla
Attendance: 8124 (17.3% capcaity)

Next up:
Puebla-at Guadalajara (8/19)
Tijuana-Santos (8/18)

Apertura 2017 Week 3 Results: Monterrey 3, TIjuana 0

Things continue to go from bad to worse for the now-nonexistent Tijuana Offensive Machine, as their string of futility to open the year hit 3 last night at home in a 3-0 loss to Monterrey. Former Tijuana star Aviles Hurtado, among the club’s leading scorers last tournament with 8 goals, blitzed his old team for 2 of the Rayados’ 3 goals, with Carlos Sanchez adding the other. Tijuana now has opened the year without scoring a goal in their first 3 games after averaging almost 2 goals a game last year, and they also have allowed 6 goals. It’s shaping up to be a long year for last year’s regular season champions.

Game Stats:
Goals-Aviles Hurtado 2 (Monterrey, 34′, 51′, 2nd of tournament), Carlos Sanchez (Monterrey, 79′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Tijuana 1
Corner Kicks-Monterrey 6, Tijuana 1
Amarillas-Monterrey 2 (Neri Cardozo, 25′, Celso Ortiz, 72′), Tijuana 2 (Paul Arreola, 25′, Damian Perez, 71′)

Venue: Estadio Caliente, Tijuana
Attendance: 26,733 (97.8% capacity)

Next up:
Tijuana-at Puebla (8/11)
Monterrey-Guadalajara (8/12)

Apertura 2017 Week 2 Results: Necaxa 1, Tijuana 0

If the Tijuana offensive machine of the last couple years was really dependent on former coach Miguel Herrera, who jumped to America after last year, it is really showing-for the second straight week to start the new year the Xolos were held scoreless, this time by Necaxa in a 1-0 loss. The only goal was scored by Jesus Isijara in the 20th minute.

Game Stats:
Goals-Jesus Isijara (Necaxa, 20′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Necaxa 1, Tijuana 1
Corner Kicks-Tijuana 6, Necaxa 5
Amarillas-Tijuana 2 (Gustavo Bou, 46′, Damian Perez, 59′), Necaxa 1 (Brayan Beckeles, 77′)
Rojas-Necaxa 1 (Miguel Ponce, 29′), Tijuana 1 (Alejandro Donatti, 47′)

Venue: Estadio Victoria, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
Attendance: 14,691 (61.4% capacity)

Next up:
Necaxa-at Guadalajara (8/5)
Tijuana-Monterrey (8/4)

Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2017 Week 1 Results: America 1, TIjuana 0

In the last game of the first Saturday of the Women’s season, America opened their campaign with a 1-0 home win over Tijuana. Lucero Cuevas scored the only goal in the 19th minute.

Game Stats:
Goals-Lucero Cuevas (America, 19′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Nil
Corner Kicks-Nil

Venue: Estadio Instalaciones Club America Coapa, Mexico City
Attendance: Nil

Next up:
America-at Cruz Azul (8/4)
Tijuana-Morelia (8/5)

Apertura 2017 Week 1 Results: Cruz Azul 2, Tijuana 0

A pair of totally different-looking teams from the end of last year met in the second game of the opening night doubleheader, as Tijuana began a new tournament without former coach Miguel Herrera & Defensive Midfielder Of The Year Guido Rodriguez (both jumped to America) and Cruz Azul also started fresh looking to start strong and avoid possibly being in the demotion picture after this year. The result was surprisingly (perhaps) one-sided as Cruz Azul dominated in a 2-0 victory. Edgar Mendez, a rookie from Spain making his Liga MX debut, scored both goals for the visitors-first on a 20th-minute header than on an 82nd-minute shot. Cruz Azul had a chance for more but Adrian Aldrete missed a PENAL! in the 19th minute after drawing one of Tijuana’s 3 Amarillas on the night against goalie Manuel Lajud, who tripped Aldrete with his outstretched hands diving for the ball as Alrete was attacking.

Game Stats:
Goals-Edgar Mendez 2 (Cruz Azul, 20′, 82′, 2nd of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Nil
Corner Kicks-Cruz Azul 2
Amarillas-Tijuana 3 (Manuel Lajud, 18′, Victor Aguilera, 69′, Juan Lucero, 71′), Cruz Azul 3 (Rafael Baca, 37′, Gabriel Penalba, 44′, Julian Velazquez, 52′)

Venue: Estadio Caliente, Tijuana
Attendance: 27,333 (100% capacity)-SELLOUT

Next up:
Tijuana-at Necaxa (7/29)
Cruz Azul-Guadalajara (7/29)

CONCACAF Champions League 2017-2018 Teams Set

With the Clausura 2017 Gran Final matchup now official, the league has announced the 4 teams that have now earned the right to participate in the 2017-2018 CONCACAF Champions League. Normally the Apertura & Clausura Champions & sub-champions (Finals losers) get to participate, but because Tigres made the finals in both tournaments this year, the Clausura Champion spot instead goes to the regular season champion by agreement of the league-that means Tijuana will get to participate along with Tigres (Apertura Champion), America (Apertura finalist/runner-up) & Guadalajara (Clausura finalist by virtue of their advancing this weekend).
The league also noted there is a new format for the Champions League next year, so the qualifying teams will not start League play until the second half of the season, which is the second phase of the tournament.

Clausura 2017 Semifinals Game 2: Tigres 2, Tijuana 0

The second ticket to the Gran Final was punched tonight, and Tigres are just one step away from a championship sweep after a second straight 2-0 win over Tijuana. Both Tigres goals came in the second half after Tijuana lost Guido Rodriguez to a Rojas! HE GONE! 2 Amarillas in just over 45 minutes ended his season and possibly his Tijuana time as he is rumored to be headed to America next year, but he’ll have to sit out week 1. Javier Aquino scored in the 63rd minute to pretty much put a Tijuana comeback out of reach, while Jurgen Damm added a stoppage time score to end the game. Tigres wins by a 4-0 total aggregate and will now move on to play Guadalajara for the Clausura 2017 Championship. The games should be played Thursday & next Sunday but more details should come tomorrow. This also may be the end of coach Miguel Herrera’s time in Tijuana as well, as there have been widespread reports he has already agreed to coach a different team next year, most likely America but we’ll see.

Game Stats:
Goals-Javier Aquino (Tigres, 63′, 1st of playoffs), Jurgen Damm (Tigres, 90+1′, 1st of playoffs)
Shots on Goal-Nil
Corner kicks-Tijuana 2, Tigres 1
Amarillas-Tijuana 4 (Guido Rodriguez 2, 5′, 48′, Damian Perez, 31′, Joe Corona, 84′), Tigres 2 (Andre-Pierre Gignac, 41′, Hugo Ayala, 69′)
Rojas-Tijuana 1 (Rodriguez, 48′)

Venue: Estadio Caliente, Tijuana
Attendance: 27,333 (100% capacity)-SELLOUT

Next up:
Tigres-Guadalajara in Game 1 of Gran Final (Thursday)
Tijuana-Apertura 2017 Tournament