Apertura 2017 Week 10 Results: Santos 3, Necaxa 2

The second half of the make-up of Week 10 began tonight with Santos hosting Necaxa. The visitors were looking to improve their hold on a top 8 playoff spot but Santos surprised them at home with a 3-2 win. Julio Furch scored the first Santos goal in the 32nd minute, then just before halftime Jonathan Rodriguez scored on a PENAL! to make it 2-0 Santos. Luis Perez scored 2 second-half goals to get Necaxa back in it, but Jorge Tavares scored for Santos in between the goals, ensuring Necaxa would not be able to pull even. The win keeps Santos’ slim playoff hopes alive, helped slightly by their having a game in hand due to their suspended game against Monterrey still to be completed.

Game Stats:
Goals-Julio Furch (Santos, 32′, 6th of tournament), Jonathan Rodriguez (Santos, 44′, 1st of tournament, Penalty Kick), Luis Perez 2 (Necaxa, 57′, 76′, 3rd of tournament), Jorge Tavares (Santos, 71′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Necaxa 1
Corner Kicks-Santos 4, Necaxa 3
Amarillas-Necaxa 1 (Igor Lichnovsky, 51′)

Venue: Estadio TSM Corona, Torreon, Coahuila
Attendance: TBA

Next up:
Santos-at Queretaro (10/21)
Necaxa-at America (10/21)


Apertura 2017 Week 13 Results: Atlas 1, Santos 0

The final game of Week 13 had Atlas visiting Santos, both teams looking to stay in the playoff picture. And in a result that will keep Monterrey out of the playoff picture until next weekend, Atlas kept their chances alive with a 1-0 win. Brayan Garnica scored the only goal in the 51st minute. The result gets Atlas back to 2 points out of 8th while Santos is 9 points out but has a game in hand by virtue of its suspended game against Monterrey. Atlas has an extra one too because of an earlier postponed game against Tigres. On the Santos side, based on him picking up one of the Amarillas today, the next one Osvaldo Martinez picks up, if upheld, will be his 5th of the tournament and means an automatic 1 game suspension.

Game Stats:
Goals-Brayan Garnica (Atlas, 51′, 2nd of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Santos 5, Atlas 1
Corner Kicks-Santos 7
Amarillas-Atlas 4 (Javier Salas, 41′, Gustavo Alustiza, 60′, Luis Reyes, 73′, Garnica, 90+4′), Santos 1 (Osvaldo Martinez, 68′)

Venue: Estadio TSM Corona, Torreon, Coahuila
Attendance: 18,281 (62.5% capacity)

Next up:
Santos-Necaxa (10/18)
Atlas-Morelia (10/17)

Apertura 2017 Week 12 Results: Santos 0, Puebla 0

The final game of the weekend saw Santos hosting Puebla, and after a few off weeks the “typical” Santos team showed up against the hapless visitors, and the end result was a somewhat predictable 0-0 tie.

Game Stats:
Shots on Goal-Santos 1, Puebla 1
Corner Kicks-Santos 8, Puebla 2
Amarillas-Puebla 1 (Lucas Cavallini, 65′), Santos 1 (Diego de Buen, 88′)

Venue: Estadio TSM Corona, Torreon, Coahuila
Attendance: 17,437 (59.6% capacity)

Next up:
Santos-Atlas (10/15)
Puebla-Queretaro (10/13)

Apertura 2017 Week 9 Results: Cruz Azul 2, Santos 1

Week 9’s Saturday slate kicked off with Cruz Azul hosting the team they have most emulated this tournament-Santos. The hosts were looking to stay unbeaten this year, and did so with a 2-1 win. Julio Furch gave Santos the early lead with a 12th-minute header goal, which they took into the second half, but then it fell apart fast for Santos-starting in the 49th minute when Jorge Sanchez picked up the second of 2 Amarillas in the game-Rojas! HE GONE! That put Santos a man down, and Felipe Mora scored in the 54th minute with the advantage to get Cruz Azul even. Christian Gimenez then scored in the 68th minute to put the hosts up 2-1, then in the final 10 minutes Santos killed the comeback chances, first when Walter Sandoval stomped a downed Cruz Azul player in the groin (OUCH) then on his foot-Rojas! HE GONE! Then in the aftermath Furch apparently said or did something the ref didn’t like-Rojas! HE GONE! That put Santos THREE men down! Thankfully for Santos, that’s how it ended but it will be fun to see what the Disciplinary Commission does. As for Cruz Azul, their 3rd win along with 6 ties ensures we go well into the second half with at least one unbeaten team left.

Game Stats:
Goals-Julio Furch (Santos, 12′, 5th of tournament), Felipe Mora (Cruz Azul, 54′, 3rd of tournament), Christian Gimenez (Cruz Azul, 68′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Cruz Azul 2
Corner Kicks-Cruz Azul 1
Amarillas-Santos 4 (Jorge Sanchez, 35′, Ventura Alvarado, 50′, Osvaldo Martinez, 77′, Jorge Tavares, 89′), Cruz Azul 2 (Enzo Roco Roco, 44′, Jordan Silva, 45+1′)
Rojas-Santos 3 (Sanchez, 49′, Walter Sandoval, 81′, Furch, 83′)

Venue: Estadio Azul, Mexico City
Attendance: 18,141 (54.9% capacity)

Next up:
Cruz Azul-at Queretaro (9/23)
Santos-Necaxa (9/24)

Apertura 2017 Week 8 Results: Santos 0, Toluca 0

The final game of Week 8 featured Santos hosting Toluca, and after a couple off weeks Santos got back to being Santos, and thus the week ended how it began-with an anticlimactic 0-0 tie.

Game Stats:
Shots on Goal-Santos 4
Corner Kicks-Santos 4, Toluca 4

Venue: Estadio TSM Corona, Torreon, Coahuila
Attendance: 19,983 (68.3% capacity)

Next up:
Santos-at Cruz Azul (9/16)
Toluca-Queretaro (9/17)

Apertura 2017 Week 7 Results: Santos 2, Leon 1

It took them 7 weeks but Santos finally removed itself from the winless ranks this year, picking up their first win yesterday 2-1 at Leon. Julio Furch put Santos up early with a 9th minute header, then Diego de Burn made it 2-0 with a 40th-minute score. Mauro Boselli again tried to rally Leon with a 58th minute goal, but that was all the hosts would get, and they went a man down late when Jorge Pereyta picked up a Rojas! HE GONE! 2 Amarillas on the day put Leon a man down for the last 10 minutes and they could not tie it up.

Game Stats:
Goals-Julio Furvh (Santos, 9′, 4th of tournament), Diego de Buen (Santos, 40′, 1st of tournament), Mauro Boselli (Leon, 58′, 5th of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Leon 1
Corner Kicks-Leon 5, Santos 2
Amarillas-Leon 4 (Fernando Navarro, 12′, Jorge Pereyra 2, 41′, 85′, Andres Andrade, 90+2′), Santos 2 (Jorge Sanchez, 18′, Nestor Araujo, 41′)
Rojas-Leon 1 (Pereyra, 85′)

Venue: Estadio Nou Camp, Leon, Guanajuato
Attendance: 17,630 (56.3% capacity)

Next up:
Leon-at Queretaro (9/9)
Santos-Toluca (9/10)

Apertura 2017 Week 5 Results: Tijuana 2, Santos 0

Something happened last night that hasn’t happened in some time-Santos has both a losing streak and exceeded their total losses from all last tournament, as they dropped a 2-0 decision at Tijuana. Gustavo Bou scored Tijuana’s first goal in the 22nd minute, Victor Malcorra added a 36th minute score, and the hosts survived 5 second half Amarillas & kept Santos off the board for their first win of the year while keeping Santos winless.

Game Stats:
Goals-Gustavo Bou (Tijuana, 22′, 2nd of tournament), Victor Malcorra (Tijuana, 36′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Santos 5, Tijuana 2
Corner Kicks-Tijuana 3, Santos 2
Amarillas-Tijuana 5 (Matias Aguirregaray, 51′, Damian Musto, 65′, Bou, 80′, Manuel Lajud, 80′, Malcorra, 86′)

Venue: Estadio Caliente, Tijuana
Attendance: 26,633 (97.4% capacity)

Next up:
Tijuana-at Queretaro (8/22)
Santos-Guadalajara (8/23)