Apertura 2017 Week 4 Results: Puebla 1, Tijuana 1

Week 4 began last night with a matchup of disappointing teams both looking to get their first win of the year, but for both Puebla & Tijuana it was not to be as the offensively-hapless teams played to a defensive-minded 1-1 tie. Both goals came in the second half-Christian Marrugo put Puebla ahead first with a 47th minute then Tijuana’s first goal of the year came from Gustavo Bou in the 56th minute. That’s right-Tijuana, which has averaged about 2 goals a game the last year-plus, has ONE goal so far this year. How times gave changed.

Game Stats:
Goals-Christian Marrugo (Puebla, 47′, 1st of tournament), Gustavo Bou (Tijuana, 56′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Puebla 3, Tijuana 1
Corner Kicks-Puebla 1, Tijuana 1
Amarillas-Tijuana 2 (Bou, 69′, Michael Orozco, 85′), Puebla 1 (Fabian Villasenor, 86′)

Venue: Estadio Cuauhtemoc, Puebla
Attendance: 8124 (17.3% capcaity)

Next up:
Puebla-at Guadalajara (8/19)
Tijuana-Santos (8/18)

Apertura 2017 Week 3 Results: Veracruz 2, Puebla 0

In the week’s final matchup, which was also the least-interesting game because it featured a pair of bottom-dwellers, Veracruz took advantage of Atlas’ earlier loss to gain back some key ground in the early demotion race with a 2-0 win at home over Puebla. Adrian Luna scored Veracruz’ first goal with a PERFECT free kick in the 9th minute, putting it in at such an angle that it absolutely froze the goalie on his feet! Cristian Menendez added the second goal before halftime. The only item of note in the second half was Puebla’s Pablo Caceres spoiling a near-clean weekend with a Rojas! HE GONE! 2 Amarillas kept us from seeing no red this weekend.

Game Stats:
Goals-Adrian Luna (Veracruz, 9′, 1st of tournament), Cristian Menendez (Veracruz, 41′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Veracruz 1
Corner Kicks-Veracruz 2, Puebla 1
Amarillas-Puebla 3 (Pablo Caceres 2, 6′, 58′, Alonso Zamora, 42′)
Rojas-Puebla 1 (Caceres, 58′)

Venue: Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente, Boca Del Rio, Veracruz
Attendance: 14,364 (50% capacity)

Next up:
Veracruz-at Santos (8/13)
Puebla-Tijuana (8/11)

Apertura 2017 Week 2 Results: Puebla 1, Morelia 1

Week 2 kicked off tonight with Morelia visiting Puebla, and it was a game where the hosts taketh and the hosts giveth away as Puebla played themselves out of a potential win and into a 1-1 tie. Brayan Angulo gave Puebla the lead with a 9th-minute header goal, but right before halftime gave it away with an OWN GOAL! On a Morelia corner kick in the 45th minute, the ball was kicked in and it hit a standing-still Angulo in the shin and took the unlucky deflection into Puebla’s net. That’s how it ended, making both teams winless through their first 2 games (Puebla has a loss and tie now, Morelia has 2 ties). And on a maybe expected side note, Morelia’s Gabriel Achiller is on pace for, including the accumulation suspension, 16 Amarillas over the 17-game tournament after picking up his 2nd in 2 games. I don’t think even Anselmo Junior could do that.

Game Stats:
Goals-Brayan Angulo (Puebla, 9′, 1st of tournament, 45′, OWN GOAL)
Shots on Goal-Puebla 1
Corner Kicks-Puebla 4, Morelia 2
Amarillas-Puebla 3 (Angulo, 36′, Leonel Aguirre, 63′, Luis Venegas, 78′), Morelia 3 (Jefferson Cuero, 57′, Gabriel Achiller, 65′, Diego Valdes, 70′)

Venue: Estadio Cuauhtemoc, Puebla
Attendance: 12,067 (25.7% capacity)

Next up:
Puebla-at Veracruz (8/6)
Morelia-Santos (8/4)

Apertura 2017 Week 1 Results: Tigres 5, Puebla 0

The now 2-time defending Apertura & league Grand Champion Tigres began their quest for an Apertura & Grand Champion 3-peat at home yesterday, and they clearly were in postseason form already as displayed in a 5-0 lambasting of hapless Puebla at home yesterday. Enner Valencia, in his return to Liga MX after 3 years away, racked up the first hat trick of the new year, seemingly not losing his scoring touch from his first Liga go-around (he scored 12 goals for Pachuca in 16 games in the Clausura 2014, missing 1 game due to accumulated Amarillas). Lucas Zelarayan opened the scoring in the 14th minute, and in a true statistical oddity, Anselmo Junior now has more goals than Amarillas as he added his first of the new year. A bad start was made worse for Puebla in the 88th minute when Pablo Miguez got the year’s first Rojas! HE GONE! A bad scissor-clip slide tackle near the end got him an Adios. He’ll sit out next week at least. Not a good start as the slumping visitors try to avoid demotion.

Game Stats:
Goals-Lucas Zelarayan (Tigres, 14′, 1st of tournament), Enner Valencia 3 (Tigres, 22′, 55, 58′, 3rd of tournament), Anselmo Junior (Tigres, 28′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Puebla 1
Corner Kicks-TIgres 4, Puebla 2
Amarillas-Puebla 3 (Luis Venegas, 4′, Patricio Araujo, 41′, Daniel Guerrero, 43′)
Rojas-Puebla 1 (Pablo Miguez, 88′)

Venue: Estadio Universitario, San Nicolas De Los Garza, Nuevo Leon
Attendance: 41,269 (99.1% capcity)

Next up:
Tigres-at Santos (7/30)
Puebla-Morelia (7/28)

Clausura 2017 Round 17 Results: Puebla 1, Pumas 0

In the one game this weekend with no playoff implications, the two bottom teams faced off looking to end disappointing seasons on a positive note. Although it won’t get them out of last place, Puebla finished with a season ending 1-0 win at Pumas. Francisco Torres scored the only goal at the start of the second half. The home shutout was symbolic of Pumas’ epic late collapse-they finished with a 4-game losing streak, 5 losses in their last 6 games, and only 1 goal in that span, and they were shut out over those last 4 losses.

Game Stats:
Goals-Francisco Torres (Puebla, 45′, 3rd of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Puebla 1
Corner kicks-Puebla 1
Amarillas-Pumas 3 (Jesus Gallardo, 40′, Javier Cortes, 50′, Gerardo Alcoba, 54′)

Venue: Estadio Olimpico Universitario, Mexico City
Attendance: 15,200 (31.4% capacity)

Next up:
Pumas-Apertura 2017 Tournament
Puebla-Apertura 2017 Tournament

Clausura 2017 Round 16 Results: Necaxa 1, Puebla 0

In the final game of the weekend, Necaxa’s very slim playoff hopes stayed alive in an otherwise disappointing second half thanks to a 1-0 win over Puebla. Actually it was because of Puebla, as the only goal was an OWN GOAL! It came courtesy of Pablo Miguez in the 54th minute. Otherwise, nothing to really see here because nothing else happened outside of a couple Amarillas. Necaxa now can still make the playoffs next week, but they need a win and a miracle.

Game Stats:
Goals-Pablo Miguez (Puebla, 54′, OWN GOAL)
Shots on Goal-Nil
Corner kicks-Nil
Amarillas-Necaxa 2 (Manuel Iturra, 3′, Xavier Baez, 50′)

Venue: Estadio Cuauhtemoc, Puebla
Attendance: 34,670 (73.8% capacity)

Next up:
Puebla-at Pumas (5/7)
Necaxa-Guadalajara (5/6)

Clausura 2017 Round 15 Results: Leon 1, Puebla 0

It’s on again-Leon continues to make me look bad in predictions when I said they were dead with no playoff chances-they continue to play their way back in, winning their 3rd straight today 1-0 over Puebla. As has been the case many times before Mauro Boselli was the hometown hero once again, scoring the only goal in the 24th minute. The win gets Leon to just one point out of the playoff picture right now, and also makes Puebla the first team officially eliminated from contention.

Game Stats:
Goals-Mauro Boselli (Leon, 24′, 4th of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Leon 2, Puebla 1
Corner kicks-Leon 5, Puebla 4
Amarillas-Puebla 3 (Jose Toledo, 12′, Jeronimo Amione, 12′, Cristian Esparza, 72′), Leon 2 (Juan Cornejo, 15′, Christian Valdez, 59′)

Venue: Estadio Nou Camp, Leon, Guanajuato
Attendance: 19,309 (61.6% capacity)

Next up:
Leon-at Guadalajara (4/29)
Puebla-Necaxa (4/30)