Apertura 2017 Week 10 Results: Santos 3, Necaxa 2

The second half of the make-up of Week 10 began tonight with Santos hosting Necaxa. The visitors were looking to improve their hold on a top 8 playoff spot but Santos surprised them at home with a 3-2 win. Julio Furch scored the first Santos goal in the 32nd minute, then just before halftime Jonathan Rodriguez scored on a PENAL! to make it 2-0 Santos. Luis Perez scored 2 second-half goals to get Necaxa back in it, but Jorge Tavares scored for Santos in between the goals, ensuring Necaxa would not be able to pull even. The win keeps Santos’ slim playoff hopes alive, helped slightly by their having a game in hand due to their suspended game against Monterrey still to be completed.

Game Stats:
Goals-Julio Furch (Santos, 32′, 6th of tournament), Jonathan Rodriguez (Santos, 44′, 1st of tournament, Penalty Kick), Luis Perez 2 (Necaxa, 57′, 76′, 3rd of tournament), Jorge Tavares (Santos, 71′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Necaxa 1
Corner Kicks-Santos 4, Necaxa 3
Amarillas-Necaxa 1 (Igor Lichnovsky, 51′)

Venue: Estadio TSM Corona, Torreon, Coahuila
Attendance: TBA

Next up:
Santos-at Queretaro (10/21)
Necaxa-at America (10/21)


Apertura 2017 Week 13 Results: Necaxa 0, Pumas 0

In the first of 2 night games tonight, Necaxa hosted the “new look” Pumas, in their first game under new head coach David Patino. New coach, same old Pumas as, sans Nicolas Castillo, they couldn’t really do much of anything. But neither did Necaxa, as both sides played to a 0-0 tie.

Game Stats:
Shots on Goal-Pumas 2
Corner Kicks-Pumas 3, Necaxa 2
Amarillas-Pumas 1 (Gerardo Alcoba, 79′)

Venue: Estadio Victoria, Aguascalientes
Attendance: 15,606 (65.4% capacity)

Next up:
Necaxa-at Santos (10/18)
Pumas-Leon (10/17)

Apertura 2017 Week 12 Results: Pachuca 0, Necaxa 0

In the Saturday night matchup, Pachuca hosted Necaxa in what was expected to be a physical matchup. That it was, and a stalemate as both sides played to a 0-0 tie.

Game Stats:
Shots on Goal-Pachuca 1
Corner Kicks-Necaxa 2, Pachuca 1
Amarillas-Necaxa 2 (Mario de Luna, 74′, Brayan Beckeles, 80′)

Venue: Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo
Attendance: 24,785 (90% capacity)

Next up:
Pachuca-at Monterrey (10/14)
Necaxa-Pumas (10/14)

Apertura 2017 Week 9 Results: Necaxa 1, Puebla 1

Necaxa looked to keep recent momentum going this weekend when it hosted hapless Puebla, and they nearly got tripped up in the process and were almost lucky to leave with a 1-1 tie. Lucas Cavallini gave Puebla the lead with a 22nd minute goal-his first career Liga MX goal, coming just a week after the Canadian made his debut, and for a while it looked like it would hold up and give the visitors only their 2nd win of the year, but Pablo Velasquez scored the equalizer in the 79th minute to pull Necaxa even and salvage the tie.

Game Stats:
Goals-Lucas Cavallini (Puebla, 22′, 1st of tournament), Pablo Velaswuez (Necaxa, 79′, 2nd of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Puebla 2
Corner Kicks-Necaxa 4, Puebla 2
Amarillas-Necaxa 2 (Jairo Gonzalez, 76′, Manuel Iturra, 85′), Puebla 1 (Cavallini, 9′)

Venue: Estadio Victoria, Aguascalientes
Attendance: 8456 (35.3% capacity)

Next up:
Necaxa-at Santos (9/24)
Puebla-Monterrey (9/22)

Apertura 2017 Week 8 Results: Monterrey 1, Necaxa 0

And there are still 2-although it wasn’t easy, Monterrey managed to keep their unbeaten streak this year intact, running it to 8 with a 1-0 win at home over Necaxa. Carlos Sanchez scored the only goal in the 55th minute. Monterrey remains one of two unbeaten teams left this tournament (Cruz Azul) and maintained their 4-point standings lead over America.

Game Stats:
Goals-Carlos Sanchez (Monterrey, 55′, 2nd of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Necaxa 3, Monterrey 1
Corner Kicks-Monterrey 7, Necaxa 2
Amarillas-Monterrey 1 (Cesar Montes, 46′), Necaxa 1 (Manuel Iturra, 86′)

Venue: Estadio BBVA Bancomer, Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon
Attendance: 50,721 (97% capacity)

Next up:
Monterrey-Atlas (9/16)
Necaxa-Puebla (9/16)

Apertura 2017 Week 7 Results: Necaxa 2, Atlas 1

Things continue to fall apart quickly for Atlas, as their winless streak has now reached 5 straight following a 2-1 loss yesterday at Necaxa. This time Atlas did themselves in early, starting in the 16th minute with a Facundo Erpen OWN GOAL! He tried to redeem himself by scoring a proper goal in the 27th minute, but Roberto Alvarado’s 65th minute goal put Necaxa ahead for good. After starting the year 2-0 Atlas has now gone 0-4-1 in its last 5 games. That could very well be 0-5-1 next week when they host Tigres.

Game Stats:
Goals-Facundo Erpen 2 (Atlas, 16′, OWN GOAL, 27′, 1st of tournament), Roberto Alvarado (Atlas, 65′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Necaxa 4, Atlas 2
Corner Kicks-Necaxa 2, Atlas 1
Amarillas-Necaxa 3 (Jesus Isijara, 20′, Dieter Villalpando, 41′, Miguel Ponce, 73′), Atlas 1 (Daniel Arreola, 33′)

Venue: Estadio Victoria, Aguascalientes
Attendance: 13,356 (55.8% capacity)

Next up:
Necaxa-at Monterrey (9/9)
Atlas-Tigres (9/8)

Apertura 2017 Week 5 Results: Toluca 0, Necaxa 0

The final game of Week 5 is in the books this morning, with Toluca & Necaxa both looking to extend their solid starts to the season but neither did much good or bad as they played to the popular 0-0 tie. The tie keeps Toluca unbeaten so far this year,

Game Stats:
Shots on Goal-Toluca 2, Necaxa 2
Corner Kicks-Toluca 5, Necaxa 3
Amarillas-Necaxa 2 (Marcelo Barovero, 10′, Jairo Gonzale 72′), Toluca 2 (Gabeirl Hauche, 35′, Rubens Sambueza, 73′)

Venue: Estadio Nemesio Diez, Toluca
Attendance: 18,406 (59.3% capcaity)

Next up:
Toluca-at Monterrey (8/23)
Necaxa-Cruz Azul (8/23)