Women’s Apertura 2017 Finals Game 2 Results: Guadalajara 3, Pachuca 0

The inaugural Liga MX Women’s Tournament concluded last night with Game 2 of the Guadalajara-Pachuca championship with a NEW CHAMPION! Guadalajara claimed the Apertura 2017 Championship with a 3-0 win at home and a 3-2 series edge. Arlett Tovar scored the first 2 goals for the Chivas in the 36th & 55th minute, then Norma Duarte sccored what would be the championship-winning goal in the 68th minute. The Chivas managed to keep the Tuzas off the board, and after 4+ minutes of extra time it was over and Guadalajara claimed the first Liga MX Women’s regular season championship and the right to play for the Grand Championship after the next tournament.
The game also set another attendance record, as 32,466 fans packed Estadio Chivas for the game. That helped contribute to a final attendance total of 412,006 for the entire Apertura 2017 tournament-307,202 for the regular season, 43,383 for the semifinals and 61,421 for the finals. The league is happy with those numbers and said it reaffirms their commitment to working to grow the women’s league. Congratulations to all the women tho took part and made the first tournament a success, hopefully bigger & better are to come in the second half.

Game Stats:
Goals-Arlett Tovar 2 (Guadalajara, 36′, 55′), Norma Duarte (Guadalajara, 68′)
Shots on Goal-Pachuca 2
Corner Kicks-Guadalajara 6, Pachuca 6
Amarillas-Guadalajara 3 (Miriam Garcia, 16′, Susan Bejarano, 30′, Guadalupe Sanchez, 80′), Pachuca 2 (Lizbeth Angeles, 12′, Karen Gomez, 85′)

Venue: Estadio Chivas, Zapopan, Jalisco
Attendance: 32,466 (71.6% capacity)-NEW LEAGUE RECORD

Next up: Clausura 2018 Tournament (schedule TBA)


Report: Lobos Women’s Team Stories Inaccurate

The league issued a press release earlier this week regarding news reports that Lobos BUAP would be fielding a team in the Women’s Clausura 2018 Tournament-according to the release, those reports are incorrect. The league regulations for all leagues (Liga MX, Ascenso MX, Liga MX Women, etc.) state that no team is allowed to begin play in a division for the second half of the season if they did not play the first half. It was reported prior to this season that Lobos would be eligible to join the Women’s league for the Apertura 2018-Clausura 2019 season, presumably if they manage to remain in Liga MX beyond this season. Puebla also was ineligible this year due to financial issues. So there will again be just 16 teams in the Women’s second half of the season, and if Puebla gets their issues in order & Lobos avoid demotion, they could go to 18 next year.

Women’s Apertura 2017 Finals Game 1 Results: Pachuca 2, Guadalajara 0

The Women’s Apertura 2017 Gran Final began last night with Game 1 of Pachuca vs. Guadalajara. In what was another record-setting night for the women, especially in the stands, the Tuzas moved one step closer to remaining the only league champions to date with a 2-0 win at home. Lizbeth Angeles scored the first Pachuca goal in the 39th minute, then in the second half Monica Ocampo added an insurance score in the 67th minute. The game also set another new attendance record for the women as 28,955 fans packed Estadio Hidalgo to well over capacity, breaking the record of 25,000 set in week 7 when Leon played Guadalajara. There’s a chance the Chivas could break that record in the second game. With this result, if Pachuca wins Game 2, loses by only 1 goal or the game is a tie they will be the Apertura 2017 Champions. If Guadalajara wins Game 2 by at least 3 goals they will be the Champions. If Guadalajara wins by 2 goals, penalty kicks will decide it.

Game Stats:
Goals-Lizbeth Angeles (Pachuca, 39′), Monica Ocampo (Pachuca, 67′)
Shots on Goal-Pachuca 5, Guadalajara 2
Corner Kicks-Pachuca 5, Guadalajara 1

Venue: Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo
Attendance: 28,955 (105.2% capacity)-SELLOUT; NEW LEAGUE SINGLE-GAME RECORD

Next up: Game 2 Friday at Guadalajara

Women’s Apertura 2017 Semifinals Game 2 Results: Tigres 3, Pachuca 0

The Women’s Apertura 2017 Finals are now set after the second semifinals-Tigres tried to dig out of a deep hole to beat defending champion Pachuca but they came up short despite a 3-0 win today. Lydia Rangel scored the first goal in the 28th minute, Lizbeth Ovalie the 2nd in the 54th minute, and Liliana Mercado the final goal in the 65th minute. The win was not enough as Tigres had to win by at least 4 to have any chance of advancing, meaning the almost-certain overwhelming favorite to win the tournament will not, as Pachuca holds on for a 4-3 win and will face Guadalajara in the finals.

Game Stats:
Goals-Lydia Rangel (Tigres, 28′), Lizbeth Ovalie (Tigres, 54′), Liliana Mercado (Tigres, 65′)
Shots on Goal-Tigres 2, Pachuca 1
Corner Kicks-Tigres 10, Pachuca 3
Amarillas-Tigres 2 (Rangel, 23′, Jazmin Enrique, 90+1′), Pachuca 1 (Lizbeth Angeles, 51′)

Venue: Estadio Universitario, San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon
Attendance: TBA

Next up:
Pachuca-TBA vs. Guadalajara in Finals
Tigres-Clausura 2018 Tournament

Women’s Apertura 2017 Semifinals Game 2 Results: Guadalajara 2, America 2

The second half of the women’s semifinals started earlier today with America hosting Guadalajara with the first finals berth on the line. America was trying to rally from a Game 1 loss to advance but was unable to as both sides played to a 2-2 tie. Brenda Viramontes scored in the 9th minute to give Guadalajara an early 1-0 lead, with no further scoring until the second half. In the 52nd minute, Norma Duarte scored to make it 2-0 Guadalajara before Dayana Cazeres got America on the board in the 57th minute. Betsy Cuevas tied it with an 87th minute goal for the tie. But it was nowhere near enough as thanks to a 4-2 Game 1 win, the Chivas women win by a 6-4 total and advance to the finals to play Tigres or Pachuca.

Game Stats:
Goals-Brenda Viramontes (Guadalajara, 9′), Norma Duarte (Guadalajara, 52′), Dayana Cazeres (America, 57′), Betsy Cuevas (America, 87′)
Shots on Goal-Nil
Corner Kicks-Nil

Venue: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
Attendance: TBA

Next up:
Guadalajara-TBA vs. Pachuca or Tigres in Finals
America-Clausura 2018 Tournament

Women’s Apertura 2017 Semifinals Game 1 Results: Pachuca 4, Tigres 0

The second of the two Women’s Apertura 2017 semifinals began tonight, with inaugural champion Pachuca looking to keep working towards a repeat title defense against overwhelming favorite Tigres. The dominating visitors picked a bad time to not show up, as Pachuca handed them far and away their worse loss of the year in a 4-0 blowout. After a scoreless first half, the champs turned it on in the second half-Monica Ocampo scored the first goal on a PENAL! in the 63rd minute, Lizbeth Angeles scored in the 70th minute, Karla Nieto added an 89th minute goal, then Angeles added a second right afterwards to seal the shutout. With this result, Tigres must win Game 2 by at least 5 goals to avoid what still would be an epic and then some upset given how they manhandled the regular season.

Game Stats:
Goals-Monica Ocampo (Pachuca, 63′, Penalty Kick), Lizbeth Angeles 2 (Pachuca, 70′, 90+1′), Karla Nieto (Pachuca, 89′)
Shots on Goal-Pachuca 1, Tigres 1
Corner Kicks-Pachuca 2, Tigres 1
Amarillas-Pachuca 1 (Natalia Melgoza, 55′), Tigres 1 (Katty Martinez, 47′)

Venue: Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo
Attendance: TBA

Next up: Game 2 Saturday at Tigres

Women’s Apertura 2017 Playoffs: Results & Schedule

The Women’s Apertura 2017 playoffs are underway, the top 2 teams from each group advanced to the semifinals with the winners meeting in the finals. The schedule & results:
Group 1 Winner vs. Group 2 2nd Place-America vs. Guadalajara
Game 1-at Guadalajara 4, America 2
Game 2-Guadalajara 2, at America 2
Guadalajara wins 6-4

Group 2 Winner vs. Group 1 2nd Place-Tigres vs. Pachuca
Game 1-at Pachuca 4, Tigres 0
Game 2-at Tigres 3, Pachuca 0
Pachuca wins 4-3

Finals: Guadalajara vs. Pachuca
Game 1-at Pachuca 2, Guadalajara 0
Game 2-at Guadalara 3, Pachuca 0
Guadalajara wins 3-2

Apertura 2017 CHAMPION-Guadalajara