Apertura 2017 Week 10 Results: America 2, Guadalajara 1

The highlight game of Week 10 was the twice-annual Superclasico, the always-hyped matchup of America vs. Guadalajara. Despite the teams having completely opposite seasons, in the end the game didn’t disappoint as America came out on top 2-1. All the scoring was in the 2nd half-Carlos Cisneros’ first goal in the 54th minute put the Chivas ahead first, but America pulled even on Oribe Peralta’s 70th minute score, then Renato Ibarra put America up for good just moments later. The win pulls America to just 1 point behind Monterrey for the league lead while the loss drops Guadalajara back into last place.

Game Stats:
Goals-Carlos Cisneros (Guadalajara, 54′, 1st of tournament), Oribe Peralta (America, 70′, 6th of tournament), Renato Ibarra (America. 72′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Guadalajara 2
Corner Kicks-Guadalajara 7
Amarillas-America 1 (Dawrin Quintero, 80′), Guadalajara 1 (Jose Vazquez, 80′)

Venue: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
Attendance: 47,532 (62.5% capacity)

Next up:
America-Necaxa (10/21)
Guadalajara-at Veracruz (10/22)


Apertura 2017 Week 13 Results: Morelia 2, Guadalajara 1

In the day’s final game, Guadalajara was looking at likely their last chance to salvage their first half at home against Morelia. And when you thought the Chivas’ first half couldn’t get any worse…of course it gets worse. They literally gifted Morelia a 2-1 win. Everything of note happened in the second half-first, Guadalajara made the mistake of giving up a PENAL! in the 48th minute, which of course was converted by Raul Ruidiaz. Carlos Salcido did pull the Chivas even in the 61st minute with a goal, but then the bottom more than fell out. In the 81st minute, Rodolfo Pizarro lost his temper over a perceived no-call and before the Amarillas could be shown to the involved he went for the ball from the Morelia player holding it, and foolishly slap-punched the player in the side of the stomach in front of the ref, so he went from Amarillas to Rojas! HE GONE! This could be more than a 1-2 game deal if the past is any indication. (The Amarillas still got shown, in this case to one of Morelia’s Amarillas magnets, Gabriel Achiller) The game went to 4 minutes of extra time and in those final seconds, Salcido went from potential hero to the biggest zero in the city, as on a Morelia cross pass in front of the goal Salcido swung his foot out to kick it away from the goal but missed badly and the ball went off his other leg for the fatal OWN GOAL! Even the Spanish announcers took pity on his misfortune and refrained from the traditional goal calling. It cost the Chivas a point in the standings, dropping them into a tie for last again, and gifted Morelia 2 extra points, and is all but the death knell for Guadalajara’s first half. They now sit 9 points out of the playoffs with 5 games left and only 1 win. They probably just want this half to be over. And yes, even worse, the true final dagger may come this next week in the rescheduled Super Clasico at none other than America.

Game Stats:
Goals-Raul Ruidiaz (Morelia, 50′, 8th of tournament, Penalty Kick), Carlos Salcido (Guadalajara, 61′, 1st of tournament), Salcido (Guadalajara, 90+3′, OWN GOAL)
Shots on Goal-Guadalajara 8, Morelia 2
Corner Kicks-Guadalajara 2, Morelia 1
Amarillas-Guadalajara 2 (Rodolfo Cota, 49′, Jose Vasquez, 75′), Morelia 1 (Gabriel Achiller, 81′)
Rojas-Guadalajara 1 (Rodolfo Pizarro, 81′)

Venue: Estadio Chivas, Zapopan, Jalisco
Attendance: 27,189 (59.9% capacity)

Next up:
Guadalajara-at America (10/18)
Morelia-at Atlas (10/17)

Apertura 2017 Week 12 Results: Tigres 1, Guadalajara 0

The highlight game of the weekend was the rematch of last year’s Grand Championship as Tigres hosted Guadalajara. Both sides played a hard-fought defensive battle that came down to the waning moments and a little luck as the champs edged the Chivas 1-0. It looked like it was going to be 0-0 until Guadalajara made the one fatal mistake near the end of second half extra time that would cost them…PENAL! PENAL! PENAL! PENAL! PENAL! Tigres sent out perhaps the most unlikely player to take the Penalty Kick-Anselmo Junior?!? But it didn’t matter because he converted it and the champs stole a last-moment victory, keeping the Chivas mired at the bottom of the standings with only 1 win through 11 games, their first half all but over now as the nightmare continues.

Game Stats:
Goals-Anselmo Junior (Tigres, 90+4′, 2nd of tournament, Penalty Kick)
Shots on Goal-Guadalajara 4, Tigres 3
Corner Kicks-Guadalajara 3, Tigres 3
Amarillas-Guadalajara 2 (Carlos Cisneros, 57′, Jose Vazquez, 65′), Tigres 2 (Eduardo Vargas, 68′, Jesus Duenas, 90′)

Venue: Estadio Universitario, San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon
Attendance: 41,322 (98.6% capacity)

Next up:
Tigres-at Leon (10/14)
Guadalajara-Morelia (10/14)

Apertura 2017 Week 9 Results: Guadalajara 1, Pumas 1

One week after finally getting their first win of the year, Guadalajara hosted the slumping Pumas looking for their first win streak of the new year. The Chivas certainly put in the effort but only managed a 1-1 tie. Pumas took an early lead on a Gerardo Alcoba goal in the 34th minute, and the Pumas defense kept Guadalajara off the board except for a Jose Godinez goal in the 60th minute. The end result was the first time Pumas played to a tie this year (and, like this time last tournament, appears to be their first game this year without leading scorer Nicolas Castillo), which still leaves them in a tie for last, while the Chivas remain 4 points out of the playoff picture ahead of a tough task next week-this tournament’s installment of El Superclasico at America.

Game Stats:
Goals-Gerardo Alcoba (Pumas, 34′, 1st of tournament), Jose Godinez (Guadalajara, 60′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Guadalajara 5
Corner Kicks-Guadalajara 7, Pumas 1
Amarillas-Pumas 4 (Marcelo Diaz, 19′, Abraham Gonzalez, 45′, Joffre Guerron, 71′, Alfredo Saldivar, 77′)

Venue: Estadio Chivas, Zapopan, Jalisco
Attendance: 35,013 (77.1% capacity)

Next up:
Guadalajara-at America (8/23)
Pumas-Leon (8/24)

Apertura 2017 Week 8 Results: Guadalajara 3, Pachuca 1

And then there are finally none-for one week at least the nightmare is over in Guadalajara as the Chivas finally picked up their first win of the year yesterday, 3-1 at Pachuca. Michael Perez scored the first Chivas goal in the 15th minute, then Javier Lopez scored in the 29th to make it 2-0. 6 minutes later Carlos FIerro gave Guadalajara a surprise 3-0 lead. Franco Jara managed to get Pachuca on the board with a 66th minute score but they could get no closer. It got really ugly for the Tuzos in the 78th minute when head coach Diego Alonso grabbed a Guadalajara player’s jersey along the sideline and tugged on it enough to take him down…the ref tugged on his pocket and pulled out a Rojas! HE GONE! ┬áHe’ll sit out at least next week for this coaching fail.

Game Stats:
Goals-Michael Perez (Guadalajara, 15′, 1st of tournament), Javier Lopez (Guadalajara, 29′, 1st of tournament), Carlos Fierro (Guadalajara, 35′, 1st of tournament), Franco Jara (Pachuca, 66′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Guadalajara 4, Pachuca 2
Corner Kicks-Pachuca 2, Guadalajara 1
Amarillas-Pachuca 2 (Keisuke Honda, 28′, Jorge Hernandez, 67′), Guadalajara 2 (Jose Godinez, 77′, Rodolfo Pizarro, 86′)
Rojas-Pachuca 1 (Diego Alonso, head coach, 78′)

Venue; Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo
Attendance: 17,511 (63.6% capacity)

Next up:
Pachuca-at Leon (9/16)
Guadalajara-Pumas (9/16)

Apertura 2017 Week 7 Results: Guadalajara 0, Queretaro 0

Coming into last night’s final game, Guadalajara was the only winless team still left this year. And shockingly the Chivas still are as despite getting coach Matias Almeyda back from a 2-game suspension, with a slight bit of chin hair no less, they got nothing out of it as they played to a 0-0 draw with visiting Queretaro. The Clausura 2017 champions are now only 0-2-5 on the year so far and tied for last, now 12 points out of first.

Game Stats:
Shots on Goal-Guadalajara 4, Queretaro 4
Corner Kicks-Queretaro 3, Guadalajara 2
Amarillas-Queretaro 2 (Jonathan Bornstein, 47′, Aldo Arellano, 69′), Guadalajara 1 (Carlos Fierro, 84′)

Venue: Estadio Chivas, Zapopan, Jalisco
Attendance: 23,441 (51.6% capacity)

Next up:
Guadalajara-at Pachuca (9/9)
Queretaro-Leon (9/9)

Apertura 2017 Week 5 Results: Puebla 1, Guadalajara 0

Things continue to go from bad to worse to now even worse for Guadalajara-the Chivas have had zero momentum since their championship run last tournament, and sank even lower in a 1-0 loss last night to Puebla. The really bad came in the 18th minute when Jair Pereira tried to stop a Puebla breakaway attack from behind and got himself stopped by a Rojas! HE GONE! He’ll join suspended coach Matias Almeyda on the sidelines for at least the next game. With Guadalajara 1 man down for 70+ minutes, Alonso Zamora got Puebla on the board with a 41st minute goal, which would be all they needed. Only 5 weeks into the new year and the Chivas have stunningly gone from first to worst and are one of three winless teams left this half-a number that could drop to 2 for better or worse as they have a quick turnaround and will be down both Pereira and Almeyda among others in a couple of days when they visit Santos.

Game Stats:
Goals-Alonso Zamora (Puebla, 41′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Puebla 2, Guadalajara 2
Corner Kicks-Guadalajara 2
Amarillas-Puebla 3 (Zamora, 54′, Pablo Caceres, 73′, Moises Munoz, 83′), Guadalajara 2 (Jesus Sanchez, 21′, Angel Zaldivar, 29′)
Rojas-Guadalajara 1 (Jair Pereira, 18′)

Venue: Estadio Chivas, Zapopan, Jalisco
Attendance: 31,433 (69.2% capacity)

Next up:
Guadalajata-at Santos (8/23)
Puebla-Leon (8/23)