Ascenso MX Apertura 2017 Finals Results: Alebrijes Earn Promotion Chance

The Ascenso MX Apertura 2017 Gran Final is in the books, and the champion is Alebrijes! The second game of the finals tonight was won by FC Juarez 2-1 in extra time. The game was 0-0 through regular time but the officials gave FC Juarez every chance to score with 6+ minutes of stoppage time, because if they didn’t Alebrijes would win by virtue of a 1-0 Game 1 win. FC Juarez got the tying goal 4 minutes into stoppage time, so that ended it at 1-1, meaning extra time! The first 15 minutes were scoreless, then both sides scored in the second 15 minutes, so while FC Juarez won the game 2-1, that made it 2-2 so we go to PENALES! In the shootout, Alebrijes prevailed 4-2 for a final total score of 6-4. Alebrijes made all 4 of their shots while FC Juarez missed their first, and then their 4th and final shot, giving Alebrijes the championship and a spot in the Ascenso MX Grand Championship, where they will play for a chance to be promoted to Liga MX next year.


Ascenso MX Gran Final Set: Who Will Get Promotion Chance?

While Liga MX set the first half of Apertura 2017 their semifinals tonight, the Ascenso MX Semifinals were completed and we have our first half Gran Final. It will be #2 seed FC Juarez vs. #5 seed Alebrijes for the title and the chance to be promoted to Liga MX next year. FC Juarez won 3-2 tonight to take a 5-4 total win over #3 seed TM Futbol Club, while Alebrijes lost 2-1 today to #1 Celaya FC, resulting in a 2-2 tie but that away goal gave Alebrijes the first tiebreaker and the victory.

If the previously released schedule holds, the finals will be Wednesday (11/29) & next Saturday (12/2), those dates and game times should be announced in the next day or so.

Promotion Watch: Ascenso MX Playoffs Results & Schedule

The Ascenso MX Apertura 2017 playoffs will have their finals set after this weekend, where one team will be one step closer to making the move up to Liga MX next year. Here are the results from their playoffs so far (Quarterfinals & Semifinals Game 1):
#1 Celaya FC vs. #8 Correcaminos
Game 1: at Correcaminos 4, Celaya FC 3
Game 2: at Celaya FC 2, Correcaminos 1
Tied 5-5. Celaya FC wins on tiebreaker (away goals, 3-1)

#2 FC Juarez vs. #7 Venados
Game 1: FC Juarez 2, at Venados 0
Game 2: at FC Juarez 1, Venados 0
FC Juarez wins 3-0

#3 TM Futbol Club vs. #6 Mineros
Game 1: at Mineros 1, TM Futbol Club 0
Game 2: at TM Futbol Club 3, Mineros 1
TM Futbol Club wins 3-2

#4 Atletico Zacatepec vs. #5 Alebrijes
Game 1: at Alebrijes 3, Atletico Zacatepec 1
Game 1: Alebrijes 0, at Atletico Zacatepec 0
Alebrijes wins 3-1

#1 Celaya FC vs. #5 Alebrijes
Game 1: at Alebrijes 1, Celaya FC 0
Game 2: at Celaya FC 2, Alebrijes 1
Tied 2-2. Alebrijes wins on tiebreaker (away goals, 1-0)

#2 FC Juarez vs. #3 TM Futbol Club
Game 1: FC Juarez 2, at TM Futbol Club 2
Game 2: at FC Juarez 3, TM Futbol Club 2
FC Juarez wins 5-4

Finals: #2 FC Juarez vs. #5 Alebrijes
Game 1: at Alebrijes 1, FC Juarez 0
Game 2: at FC Juarez 2, Alebrijes 1 (Extra time:; 1-0 FC Juarez after regulation, Tied 1-1)
Tied 2-2. Penalty Kicks: Alebrijes wins 4-2

CHAMPION: Alebrijes

Promotion Watch Ascenso Playoff Picture Almost Set

With Liga MX taking this weekend off, the Ascenso MX Apertura 2017 final regular season weekend is underway. All that’s left to determine are where the top 8 will finish-all have clinched playoff berths, with the biggest surprise being who is not in-Dorados. After a 4-0-2 start they slumped badly to finish 6-7-2 and miss the playoffs thanks to a loss in their final game, meaning they must win the Clausura 2018 to have a 3rd straight chance at returning to the top tier. Click below for the entire playoff picture, which will be updated today while week 15 is in progress.

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Promotion Watch: Ascenso MX Playoff Picture Preview

With 3 weeks left until their regular season ends, the Ascenso MX playoff picture is starting to take shape as the 16 teams compete for the chance to earn one of the two spots in the Grand Championship and a spot in Liga MX next year, hoping to follow in the footsteps of recent promotions Lobos BUAP & Necaxa. Defending Apertura champion Dorados, looking to return to the top tier 3 years after demotion, is facing a tough fight to return to the playoffs & Grand Championship for the 3rd straight time. Click below for the current Ascenso MX Playoff Picture going into Apertura 2017 Week 13 of 15.

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Promotion Watch: Ascenso Apertura Season In Home Stretch

The latest in an occasional series of posts tracking the Ascenso MX series and the road to the Grand Championship that determines who will get promoted to Liga MX next year:
With the Apertura 2017 regular season down to the final third of the schedule, the playoff picture is very unsettled and every team still has a chance to make the top 8. The most interesting stat so far is there have been A LOT of ties, but also the fact that every team has a .500 or better home record and only two teams are even over .500 on the road. The top 8 in the current standings, which would be the playoff field, are only separated by 3 points and the 9th place team is just 5 points out of the lead.
Currently in a 3-way points tie for first, with first tiebreaker being goal differential, are Celaya FC (1st), Alebrijes (2nd), and FC Juarez (3rd), all 3 at 5-2-3, 18 points. Tied for 4th are Cimarrones & defending Apertura champion Dorados, both at 5-3-2, 17 points but Cimarrones has the first tiebreaker. In a 3-way tie for 6th are Mineros (6th), Correcaminos (7th), and Atletico San Luis (8th), all at 4-3-3, 15 points. Tied for 9th, 2 points out of the top 8, are Atletico Zacatepec & Venados, both at 3-3-4, 13 points. 4 points out in an 11th place tie are Murcielagos & Atlante at 3-5-2, 11 points. Leones Negros (U de G.) are alone in 13th at 2-4-4, 10 points. Tied for 14th are TM Futbol Club & Cafetaleros at 2-5-3, 9 points, and in last place (16th) is Potros UAEM, which after a solid debut last year has slumped to 2-6-2, 8 points.
The top offense team so far is Correcaminos with 15 goals in 10 games, the top defense is Celaya FC with 8 goals allowed in 10 games. With only 16 teams this tournament, TM Futbol Club currently is at the bottom of the quotient/ratio table at 0.9545. The top scorer to this point is Alebrijes’ Luis Madrigal, who is enjoying a breakout year so far with 7 goals in 9 games (8 starts), which is far and away his best total since his early career days in the Tercera (3rd) Division and his U-17 & U-20 days with Monterrey. He certainly is hoping to return to Liga MX, where he has 7 career goals in 45 games, mostly with Monterrey but also has played in the top tier with Queretaro, Atlante & Mineros.

(Very Early) Promotion Watch: Ascenso MX Pre-Season Presser Highlights

Earlier this past week, after the Ordinary Assembly meeting, Liga MX President Enrique Bonilla held a press conference to discuss the upcoming Ascenso MX season. Some notable highlights:
The Apertura 2017 Tournament will only have 17 teams instead of the usual 18-Club Tlaxcala has been removed from the league for failure to comply with the Rules of Affiliation, Name & Headquarters. They have until December to get in compliance to be reinstated for next tournament and the 2018-2019 season.
There also were team name changes & relocations-Club Coras has left the city of Tepec an will be known as Atletico Zacatepec for this upcoming season. Atletico San Luis, under new ownership, will now be known as Atletico De San Luis.
With regards to the debts owed by newly-demoted Chiapas Jaguares, Bonilla stated they have until this Tuesday to resolve their issues-as do all teams for both national & international debts. If they fail, they will not be able to participate in the upcoming transfer period.
The 17 teams for the upcoming Apertura tournament: Alebrijes de Oaxaca, Atlante, Cafetaleros, Celaya, Atletico Zacatepec, Dorados de Sinaloa, Correcaminos, Cimmarones de Sonora, Bravos de Juarez, Jaguares, Mineros de Zacatecas, Murcielagos, TM Futbol, Potros UAEM, Leones Negros, Venados, Atletico De San Luis.
The Apertura tournament starts July 21, the Clausura 2018 starts January 5. The Grand Championship, where the winner will be promoted to Liga MX for 2018-19, will be May 12, 2018.