Apertura 2017 Week 4 Results: America 1, Atlas 0

The new-look America continued to show last night that it’s becoming a tough team to beat, although it took some luck and last-second heroics to pull out a 1-0 win at Atlas. The hosts had a big chance in the 66th minute when Atlas got a PENAL! when Bruno Valdez also got a Rojas! HE GONE! But Milton Caraglio failed to convert although it still gave Atlas the man advantage for 23 minutes. But halfway into end-of-game extra time, Paul Arreola made what would be the fatal mistake for Atlas, which resulted in a PENAL! for America, and as he has done many times in his famed career Oribe Peralta played the hero once again, converting for the goal and America’s 3rd straight win. It puts them into the lead in the standings for now ahead of what could be a huge matchup next week against Lobos that might very well decide the regular season champion. Atlas, meanwhile, has now lost 2 straight after winning its first 2.

Game Stats:
Goals-Oribe Peralta (America, 90+3′, 2nd of tournament, Penalty Kick)
Shots on Goal-America 3, Atlas 1
Corner Kicks-America 3, Atlas 3
Amarillas-America 4 (Miguel Samudio, 34′, Silvio Romero, 41′, Paul Aguilar, 53′, Agustin Marchesin, 72′), Atlas 3 (Jaine Barrerira, Milton Caraglio, 34′, Paul Arreola, 90+2′)
Rojas-America 1 (Bruno Valdez, 66′)

Venue: Estadio Jalisco, Guadalajara, Jalisco
Attendance: 49,313 (89.7% capacity)

Next up:
Atlas-at Cruz Azul (8/19)
America-at Lobos (8/19)

Apertura 2017 Week 3 Results: America 2, Pumas 1

In the bi-annual edition of the “Clasico Capitalisto”, America picked up it’s second straight win of the tournament in a dominating 2-1 win at home over Pumas. Oribe Peralta opened the scoring with his first of the year in the 20th minute, then Nicolas Castillo pulled Pumas even in the 33rd minute. After that it was all America-although Silvio Romero failed on a PENAL! right before halftime, Cecelio Dominguez made up for it by converting his own PENAL! in the 79th minute. The game was plenty physical too with 8 Amarillas between the teams. America also welcomed back Pablo Aguilar today, he made his season debut after sitting out a 10-game suspension that was reduced from 1 year on appeal.

Game Stats:
Goals-Oribe Peralta (America, 20′, 1st of tournament), Nicolas Castillo (Pumas, 33′, 2nd of tournament), Cecelio Dominguez (America, 79′, 3rd of tournament, Penalty Kick)
Shots on Goal-America 3
Corner Kicks-America 6, Pumas 5
Amarillas-Pumas 5 (Josecarlos Van Rankin, 6′, Mauro Formica, 13′, Castillo, 50′, Luis Quintana, 70′, Joffre Guerron, 78′), America 3 (Pablo Aguilar, 10′, Dominguez, 18′, Edson Alvarez, 19′)

Venue: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
Attendance: 45, 256 (59.5% capacity)

Next up:
America-at Atlas (8/11)
Pumas-Lobos (8/11)

Women’s Apertura 2017 Week 2 Results: America 5, Cruz Azul 0

In their first road game of the season, America headed across town and delivered the most lopsided result of the women’s season so far, a 5-0 shutout at Cruz Azul. Dayana Cazarsa started the scoring with a 3rd-minute goal, then Lucero Cuevas racked up the first hat trick of the women’s tournament with goals in the 19th, 46th & 73rd minutes before being taken out in the 75th minute. Betzy Cuevas scored the 5th America goal in the 79th minute. The hat trick gives Cuevas a league-leading 4 goals through 2 games.

Game Stats:
Goals-Dayana Cazarsa (America, 3′, 1st of tournament), Lucero Cuevas 3 (America, 19′, 46′, 73′, 4th of tournament), Betzy Cuevas (America, 79′), 4th of tournament
Shots on Goal-N/A
Corner Kicks-N/A

Venue: Estadio Azul, Mexico City
Attendance: 4,789 (14.5% capacity)

Next up:
Cruz Azul-at Morelia (8/12)
America-at Toluca (8/11)

Apertura 2017 Week 2 Results: America 2, Pachuca 0

Week 2 of the new-look America experiment went much better than the first, as Miguel Herrera got his first win as America coach today with a 2-0 victory at Pachuca. Cecelio Dominguez scored both America goals, first on a 2nd-minute header then adding a 52nd-minute strike. It wasn’t all good for America though as Herrera’s fellow former Tijuana charge, Guido Rodriguez, became the victim of bad footing, bad viewing by the ref and thus a Rojas! HE GONE! The defending Defensive Midfielder of the Year has already matched his total Rojas from the Clausura 2017 in just 2 games. As for Pachuca, the Tuzos have now conceded an un-Pachuca-like 3 goals in their first 2 games. Is age finally catching up to the seemingly ageless Pachuca goalie Oscar Perez?

Game Stats:
Goals-Cecelio Dominguez 2 (America, 2′, 52′, 2nd of tournament)
Shots on Goal-America 2, Pachuca 1
Corner Kicks-Pachuca 6, America 1
Amarillas-Pachuca 5 (Victor Guzman, 32′, Angelo Sagal, 62′, German Cano, 72′, Jorge Hernandez, 84′, Raul Lopez, 89′), America 4 (Miguel Samudio, 7′, Guido Rodriguez 2, 17′, 79′, Agustin Marchesin, 70′)
Rojas-America 1 (Rodriguez, 79′)

Venue: Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo
Attendance: 22,478 (81.7% capacity)

Next up:
Pachuca-at Lobos (8/5)
America-Pumas (8/5)

Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2017 Week 1 Results: America 1, TIjuana 0

In the last game of the first Saturday of the Women’s season, America opened their campaign with a 1-0 home win over Tijuana. Lucero Cuevas scored the only goal in the 19th minute.

Game Stats:
Goals-Lucero Cuevas (America, 19′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Nil
Corner Kicks-Nil

Venue: Estadio Instalaciones Club America Coapa, Mexico City
Attendance: Nil

Next up:
America-at Cruz Azul (8/4)
Tijuana-Morelia (8/5)

Women’s Liga MX Apertura Week 1 Results: Toluca 2, Cruz Azul 1

In the second game of the historic first day of the Liga MX Women season, Toluca opened their campaign with a 2-1 win at home over Cruz Azul. Liliana Rodriguez scored Toluca’s first goal in the 15th minute, but Daniela Davila pulled Cruz Azul even with her first goal just before halftime. Deborah Romero scored the game-winner for Toluca in the 86th minute. Toluca also was awarded the league’s first PENAL! in the 75th minute, but it appears they missed.

Game Stats:
Goals-Liliana Rodriguez (Toluca, 15′, 1st of tournament), Daniela Davila (Cruz Azul, 43′, 1st of tournament), Deborah Romero (Toluca, 86′, 1st of tournament)
Shots on Goal-Nil
Corner Kicks-Nil
Amarillas-Cruz Azul 2 (Mariana Zarraga, 75′, Renata Aguirre, 78′)

Venue: Estadio Instalaciones Metepec, La Magdalena Ocotitlan, Mexico State (home stadium of Toluca’s U-17 team)
Attendance: N/A

Next up:
Toluca-at Pumas (8/6)
Cruz Azul-America (8/4)

Clausura 2017 Week 1 Results: Queretaro 1, America 0

Just 6 days after their last meeting in SUPERCOPA MX 2017, America & Queretaro opened their new seasons with an immediate rematch, and it turned out much like the prior meeting-the Gallos Blancos carried their SUPERCOPA victory momentum into the start of the new year with a 1-0 road win. It looked like the game would end scoreless until America conceded a PENAL! in the 85th minute, which was converted by Camilo Da Silva for the only goal. The result spoiled the America debuts of new head coach Miguel Herrera, who jumped over from Tijuana after the end of last year along with former Tijuana player Guido Rodriguez.

Game Stats:
Goals-Camilo Da Silva (Queretaro, 86′, 1st of tournament, Penalty Kick)
Shots on Goal-America 1
Corner Kicks-Queretaro 4, America 2
Amarillas-Queretaro 1 (Aldo Arellano, 75′)

Venue: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
Attendance: 24,943 (32.8% capacity)

Next up:
America-at Pachuca (7/29)
Queretaro-Lobos (7/29)