Current Standings (Clausura 2017)

The league standings for the current tournament, Clausura 2017 (Final Standings-records are listed as Win-Lose-Tie/Draw-Total Points; Teams get 3 points for wins, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss, the top 8 teams, in Green, clinched playoff spots):
1-Tijuana, 9-4-4, 31 PTS
2-Monterrey, 7-4-6, 27 PTS

3-Guadalajara, 7-4-6, 27 PTS
4-Atlas, 7-5-5, 26 PTS
5-Toluca, 8-6-2, 26 PTS
6-Tigres, 7-6-4, 25 PTS
7-Santos, 5-1-10, 25 PTS

8-Morelia, 6-5-6, 24 PTS (1)
9-America, 7-7-3, 24 PTS
10-Pachuca, 6-5-6, 24 PTS
11-Cruz Azul, 5-6-6, 21 PTS
12-Necaxa, 5-6-6, 21 PTS
13-Veracruz, 7-10, 21 PTS
14-Leon, 5-7-5, 20 PTS
15-Queretaro, 5-8-4, 19 PTS
16-Jaguares, 5-8-4, 19 PTS
17-Pumas, 5-9-3, 18 PTS
18-Puebla, 4-8-5, 16 PTS
1-Morelia had first tiebreaker over America (goal differential)

Quotient for start of 2017-18 (Total Standings Points divided by Total Games Played, used to determine which team is demoted at the end of the season-the bottom team is demoted to the second-tier Ascenso MX league and the Ascenso MX Grand Champion is promoted to replace them; total is based on the past 3 full years of results-the last 2 years and the current year-unless a team was promoted within the last 2 years, in which case their stats since promotion are used to determine the total):
1-Monterrey, 1.6471
2-America, 1.6029
3-Tigres, 1.5735
4-Pachuca, 1.5588 (1)
5-Leon, 1.5588
6-Toluca, 1.5441
7-Guadalajara, 1.5294
8-Pumas, 1.5
9-Tijuana, 1.4412
10-Morelia, 1.3971
11-Necaxa, 1.3814
12-Santos, 1.2647
13-Puebla, 1.25
14-Cruz Azul, 1.2059
15-Queretaro, 1.1765
16-Atlas, 1.1176
17-Veracruz, 1.0882
18-Lobos, 0
(1)-Pachuca has 1st tiebreaker over Leon (goal differential)
Based on the current reset stats, for Lobos to avoid demotion after their first year they likely would need a total score of at least 1.2, meaning they would need to average 21 points per tournament. While no team starts next year safe from demotion, Monterrey is in the best position to maintain its spot, needing to gain only 14 points on Veracruz or 15 on Atlas to be demotion-proof. Veracruz is in the worst position because it loses the first tiebreaker-goal differential-by a wide margin, starting next year with a 23-goal deficit to the next closest team (Atlas).