Pumas Mulling Legal Action Against No-Show Player

Pumas issued a press release earlier today regarding their apparent signing of Gaston Silva, who was signed as a transfer from Torino Club (Italy). Or so they were led to believe…according to my translation of the statement, Pumas helped Silva with immigration procedures, obtaining a work visa & airfare to Mexico City. But he no-showed, failing to comply with the commitments he made to both Pumas & Torino and neither side was informed. Today Pumas learned through the media that Silva has instead flown to Argentina, where he took a physical to sign with Independent Athletic Club. Pumas is analyzing potential options for taking legal action against Silva, and they have the support of Liga MX as the team acted in good faith established by FIFA procedures during the entire process. The statement ended with a warning to all-nobody is going to mock/make fun of Pumas or Mexican soccer.

Source: Universidad Nacional (UNAM)/Pumas press release