Assembly Press Conference Highlights

The “Ordinary Assembly” meeting of the league was held earlier today, after which Liga MX President Enrique Bonilla held an open press conference. Highlights and notes coming out of the presser:
The 2017-2018 calendar was agreed on-July 15 & 16 will be the Day of Champions with the Golden Ball presentation, SUPERCOPA MX & Campeon de Campeones. Bonilla announced with regards to the games on the 16th what basically are contingency plans that will come in to play: If Guadalajara wins the Clausura 2017 Championship they will not play in SUPERCOPA MX, and will be replaced by America, who would get the spot by virtue of most points in COPA MX stage play. If Tigres wins the Clausura there still will be a Grand Championship, they will play the team that scored the most points over both tournaments-that would mean they would (again) face Tijuana. In that case the Chivas would still play in SUPERCOPA MX.
The Apertura 2017 Tournament will begin July 21, with the 2017-18 COPA MX beginning July 25. The Clausura 2018 Tournament will start January 5, with the COPA MX Clausura starting January 11. Finals will be November 2 (Apertura) & April 11 (Clausura). There could be some schedule changes if Pachuca reaches the Liga MX Apertura 2017 Finals.
There will be 3 “double dates” next year, weekends with no Friday night game. Those will be Apertura weeks 6 & 11 and Clausura week 7.
The league will take 4 weeks off during the year for FIFA dates. Those periods will be September 2-6, October 7-11, November 11-15 & March 24-28.

The Liga MX Women’s structure for their next season was announced. The majority of the players will be under 23 years old, with each team allowed 2 players older than 23. Players under 17 will be limited to a total of 720 minutes. The league will mirror the U-15 structure, meaning it will expand to 16 teams. The only teams that will not have women’s teams are Puebla (financial issues) & Lobos BUAP (promotion-will be eligiblw in 2018-19).
The teams will be divided into 2 groups of 8: Group 1 will be Pachuca, Toluca, Tijuana, America, Veracruz, Pumas, Morelia & Cruz Azul. Group 2 will be Atlas, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Santos, Queretaro, Leon, Tigres & Necaxa.

At this point Bonilla took questions from the press in attendance:
Regarding rumors that Puebla is for sale, Bonilla indicated that is not the case. They were merely asked to increase their guarantee from 5 million dollars to 10 million and have all their debts paid off by the start of the season. Regarding sanctions against Fidel Kuri (I think he’s the club owner), Bonilla said his case did not come before the Assembly today as it still is in the Disciplinary Commission. That should be done later this week then the Corporate Practices Committee will take it up.
Regarding the ongoing issue of Chiapas Jaguares and their debts, Bonilla said that issue will be taken up at the next meeting on May 3 but all their debts must be paid by the start of the new year or they face sanctions up to possible exclusion from the league, which would mean being out of Ascenso MX.
Finally, Bonilla made a brief comment on Lobos and their promotion to Liga MX after winning the Ascenso MX Championship-he was confident that as a “serious institution” they would continue to fulfill all their requirements post-promotion as they did in the Ascenso.