Toluca & America Player Suspensions Reduced

The Court of Arbitration for Sport, basically the Supreme Court for international & Olympic-level discipline matters, today issued a press release regarding appeals recently heard of two suspended players-Toluca’s Enrique Triverio & America’s Pablo Aguilar. Both had appeals pending of very lengthy suspensions from Liga MX games earlier this year. The CAS revoked the league’s punishments and issued these new, reduced sanctions:
Triverio-8 Game Suspension, fined 1000 UMAs
Pablo Aguilar-10 Game Suspension, fined 1000 UMAs
The Aguilar suspension is a significant reduction as he originally was banned for 1 year on March 8. Now best-case is he could return for the Gran Fiesta semifinals if America makes it that far. If they make the playoffs but lose in the quarterfinals, he’ll be back for the start of next year. Worst-case, if America misses the playoffs, is he’s back for Round 3 next year. With Triverio’s suspension presumably being effective from the same date, if that’s the case Toluca will get him back for the playoffs as this weekend’s Round 17 would be game #8.
After the news America put out a press release about the decision, noting Aguilar now has to sit out only 3 more games to finish his now-10-game suspension.

Source: Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) press release