More Fans Behaving Badly This Weekend

According to a press release a short time ago from Jaguares, there was an instance of fan violence/troublemaking at Estadio Victor Manuel Reyna during this weekend’s Jaguares-Santos game. From what I could translate, it seemed to involve an “animation/fan group” called Cabecera Norte, that somehow got into a skirmish with or broke through security in the stands in the 91st minute (so almost at the end of the game). A reported 26 people, including 9 women, were arrested at the scene by security & Tuxtla Gutierrez authorities. The club laments the situation occurred and pledged to work with the Mexican Soccer Federation & the government of the state of Chiapas to guarantee adequate security and safety of fans at the stadium in the future.

Source: Chiapas Jaguares press release