Promotion Watch: Ascenso Gran Final Set

The Ascenso MX Clausura 2017 Gran Final is now set, and it won’t be a potential free pass back to the top tier for Dorados. The second half finals will be a matchup of underdogs-#4 FC Juarez, who beat Dorados 1-0 & 2-0 for a 3-0 total win, will face #6 Lobos, who upset #1 seed Mineros and their #1 defense by 2-0 & 4-2 results for a 6-2 blowout win. The finals games, if the preseason printed schedule holds, would be Wednesday & Saturday with Wednesday’s game at Lobos, Saturday at FC Juarez. The winner will be the Clausura 2017 Champion and will face Dorados in the Grand Championship with the winner moving up to Liga MX next year. The Grand Championship games are scheduled for May 17 & May 20.

Demotion Watch: As for who they will replace, there are 3 teams that could be the demoted team after today. Veracruz at #16 has an outside chance but with tiebreakers they are all but safe. #17 Morelia leads last-place Jaguares by 1 point going into the final weekend of action, so Morelia will be demoted if they lose or tie and Jaguares win. Jaguares will be demoted with anything but a win and Morelia loss or tie.