Disciplinary Commission Ruling On Novaretti

The Disciplinary Commission announced late yesterday that it has concluded it’s investigation into Leon’s Diego Novaretti following events that transpired during the Leon-Santos exhibition last Wednesday in the US. What happened, according to a YouTube video, is Novaretti grabbed and held the referee by his arm in order to obstruct his movement. That falls under Articles 10 & 17 of the Sanctions Regulations an thus he is given the following punishments: 7 Game Suspension, 500 UMAs fine, Suspended from ALL games outside Liga MX in said timeframe of suspension. This suspension means Novaretti is done for the year in Liga MX unless Leon somehow makes the Clausura 2017 playoffs. He only played 3 games in the Clausura, missing a total of 13 games due to suspensions. The Commission also noted the referee did not report Novaretti for aggression, but this punishment is in line with recent sanctions issued as the Mexican Soccer Federation tries to crack down on violent and bad behavior in the league.