Lots Of Post-Round 11 Controversies Brewing

Apparently there has been a lot of trouble brewing since Round 11 wrapped up. ESPN FC mentioned them all in an article today covering one of the main items: The Disciplinary Commission investigation announced Monday ahead of the weekly report into Tijuana coach Miguel Herrera is reportedly for insulting and challenging a fan to a fight. The 2 game suspension he was given doesn’t appear to cover that.

Secondly, in relation to a video posted on the league’s website by the league & Pumas, fans reportedly threw objects at police attempting to take mobile phones from journalists, and the video (not available for viewing via YouTube as of yesterday) appears to show a fan throwing a beer cup that reportedly hit America’s Cecelio Dominguez as he celebrated the eventual game-winning goal. Pumas issued a brief statement saying “if you see it, report it” and condemning violence in the game.

Finally, Puebla has issued a statement-which I have not seen-complaining about the officiating in their 1-0 loss to Morelia. This comes a week after a referees’ strike forced the postponement of week 10. Guess we’ll see what if anything happens in the next week while the league is off.

Source: espnfc.com