Round 10 Rescheduled

The league announced today that last weekend’s postponed Round 10 has now been rescheduled. The new dates are April 11-13, which will make for a very busy week because that’s right between Rounds 13 & 14, making for 3 games in 7-9 days for all the teams. As a result, the Copa MX final scheduled for during this time has been moved back a week to April 19.

In related news, the Disciplinary Commission announced that all suspensions coming out of Round 9, which aren’t known because the Disciplinary Report was never posted on the league’s website, will be served this weekend during round 11. Additionally, since Veracruz got a “stadium veto” punishment but is on the road this weekend, they will serve the punishment at their next home game-in Round 12 vs. Cruz Azul on Friday, March 31. If Round 10 wasn’t postponed it would’ve been last weekend as they were to host Puebla. For those unfamiliar, a stadium veto means no fans will be allowed to attend-the stadium will be closed.