Appeals Commission Further Punishes Players

The Appeals Commission announced today that following appeals by the Referees Commission, it has made the following ruling regarding the Referees Commission appealing the penalties given to Toluca’s Rubens Sambueza & America’s Pablo Aguilar: The original penalties of an 8 & 10 game suspension, respectively, have been revoked. But it’s gone from bad to even worse: 1 Year Suspension effective immediately and a 450 UMAS fine for both. The penalties were discussed by Mexican Soccer Federation President Decio de Maria at a press conference today, who also added that they can no longer appeal the penalties within Mexico & Liga MX-they would have to go international, specifically to FIFA directly. No word yet on if that will happen. Also coming soon, maybe this week, is a possible date for the to-be-rescheduled Round 10, which was postponed this past weekend due to referees refusing to work the games. As of now Round 11 this coming weekend will go on as scheduled.