League Hands Down Several Severe Penalties

Ahead of this weekend’s action starting tonight, the league held a hastily assembled press conference a short time ago to discuss recent incidents in both Liga MX and the past Wednesday’s Copa MX games. Attending the presser were Mexican Soccer Federation President Decio De Maria, Liga MX President Enrique Bonilla, Disciplinary Commission President Eugenio Rivas, and Referees Commission President Hector Gonzalez Inarritu. They opened with comments and concerns about the events that took place and pledges to work towards fixing problems this summer. In the meantime, here are the penalties handed out:
Rubens Sambueza, Toluca-injuring Guadalajara’s Isaac Brizuela last weekend-8 Game Suspension. That means he is done for the regular season. Unknown if it’s on top of the 1 game suspension he already got for being ejected last weekend.
Andres Andrade, Leon-injuring America’s Renato Ibarra last weekend-No further punishment. Deemed to be accidental. Was suspended indefinitely but presumably is reinstated.
Enrique Triverio, Toluca-attempted aggression, disrespecting officials in Copa MX. 8 Game Suspension. That includes a 1 game suspension for being ejected in the game, and although it happened in Copa MX he must serve them in Liga MX. Like Sambueza, he is done for the regular season.
Pablo Aguilar, America-attempted assault, insulting officials. 10 Game Suspension. 8 for assault, 2 for insulting officials. He is done for the season unless America advances to the semifinals of the playoffs. And if they miss the playoffs he’s out until Round 3 of the Apertuta 2017 tournament.
Ricardo Pelaze, America-going down tunnel to intercept referees postgame. Fined 2000 UMAS.