Guadalajara: Wins Game, Loses Brizuela

While Guadalajara may have won this weekend and is now in first place, the Chivas did get some bad news-as a result of a hard knee-on-back of knee collision that resulted in Toluca’s Rubens Sambueza being ejected, Isaac Brizuela suffered serious ankle & knee injuries and will be out a minimum of 12 weeks. He will have surgery Wednesday and can begin rehab in 4 weeks. The team also expressed its dissatisfaction with statements made postgame by Toluca coach Hernan Cristante, and also Sambueza himself, as the Chivas pride themselves on fair play on & off the field. Guadalajara will also request Sambueza be suspended the entire length of time Brizuela is out-because Sambueza was tossed he will get an automatic one game suspension, maybe more. It should be noted that if Brizuela is indeed out the full 12 weeks, then he is done for the year unless the Chivas win the Clausura 2017 Tournament and advance to the Campeon de Campeones vs. Tigres, as the Gran Final will take place in 11 weeks. But he should be back for the 2017-18 season.

Source: Guadalajara information bulletin