Press Conference Report: Veracruz-Tigres Sanctions

After being rescheduled from last Friday, the press conference to announce potential sanctions from the Veracruz-Tigres game in round 7 was held today. Attending were Enrique Bonilla, Executive President of Liga MX & ASCENSO MX, and Eugenio Rivas, President of the Disciplinary Commission. Bonilla issued an opening statement stating they (the league) did not apply proper protocols, did not act in a preventive way to avoid such incidents and were overtaken by the events that transpired. But the clubs were also faulted for not taking necessary measures for security-Veracruz for insufficient public security and Tigres for inappropriate action of media/fans before the game as well as some members acting inappropriately. Bonilla emphasized what took place on the 17th was unacceptable and cannot happen again, and the league will thoroughly review security protocols and will continue to work with authorities that have experience dealing with mass crowds to collaborate on each sides’ responsibilities and also will review the entire system of sanctions & evaluate the “Safe Stadium Manual” continuously. The clubs were also called on to reinforce internal security protocols and reiterated league regulations that tickets cannot be sold to “Visiting Entertainment Groups” due to an increased risk of events like what took place. Then Bonilla turned the floor over to Rivas, who first announced all the sanctions imposed on both sides, which are as follows:
Veracruz-violations of sanctions 50 & 51. Veto Party applied to Estadio Luis “Pirata” Fuente, fined 9680 UMAS
Tigres-violation of sanction 51. Fined 2000 UMAS
Ricardo Feretti, Tigres coach-violations of sanctions 33 & 73, articles 11, 26 & 28 of Code of Ethics. 2 Game Suspension, fined 2180 UMAS

Rivas added that while Feretti’s attitude regarding the incident was understood, it did not justify his lack of respect towards officials & Veracruz.

During the media Q&A that followed, Rivas was asked about possible sanctions against Morelia for the incident in their stadium against Toluca in round 7-Rivas stated that because the person who threw the object was arrested & detained by police all weekend, and Morelia presented documents to prove that happened, the club was only fined an undisclosed amount. Rivas also explained that Tigres player Andre-Pierre Gignac was not punished because there was no finding of a provocative attitude towards Veracruz. Gignac said he was celebrating his goal with relatives in attendance.

In closing, Rivas stated everything here was written between Veracruz & the Disciplinary Commission, and the league through it’s Commissioners will followup and failure to uphold the agreements will result in much more severe penalties.