Disciplinary Report: Clausura 2017 Round 2

The Disciplinary Commission has released the report of sanctions and warnings issued in Clausura 2017 Round 2. As expected from the match reports this past weekend it is a very long list. A total of 8 suspensions have been handed out, and in what could be significant come season’s end, Morelia coach Pablo Marini is among them for constantly complaining about officiating-given Morelia is fighting to avoid demotion, if what happened to Tijuana in the opener (albeit against Morelia) is an indication of what could happen that one game he’s out could be the difference. Also, the appeal by Cruz Azul of the Gabriel Penalba ejection against Pumas as being erroneous has been denied, so that ejection & subsequent automatic suspension stands.

The full listing, all Amarillas are for Unsportsmanlike Conduct unless otherwise noted:
Amarillas-Damian Perez (repeated violation of rules)

Amarillas-Pedro Canelo (dissent by word or action)
Rojas-Robert Herrera (denying obvious goal scoring chance to attacking opponent by offense punishable by penalty kick), 1 Game Suspension

Amarillas-Luis Orozco, Camilo Da Silva, Angel Sanchez
Rojas-Luis Orozco (2 Amarillas in same match), 1 Game Suspension

Amarillas-Emanuel Loeschbor, Rodolfo Cruz, Rodrigo Millar, Facundo Erpen
Rojas-Pablo Marini (constant complaints or protesting of decisions by officials), 1 Game Suspension

Amarillas-Jose Basanta

Amarillas-Jair Rodriguez (delay of game), Alan Pulido (dissent by word or action)
Rojas-Jair Rodrigurz (2 Amarillas in same game), 1 Game Suspension, Jose Vazquez (guilty of serious foul play), 1 Game Suspension

Amarillas-Leiton Romero

Amarillas-Jesus Duenas, Guido Pizarro, Andre-Pierre Gignac

Amarillas-Omar Gonzalez (delay of game)

Amarillas-Felix Araujo

Amarillas-Maximilliano Barreiro, Manuel Iturra (repeated rule violations), Jairo Gonzalez

Amarillas-Christian Valdez, Carlos Pena

Amarillas-Gerardo Robolla, Nicolas Castillo, Alan Mendoza, Pablo Barrera
Rojas-Nicolas Castillo (2 Amarillas in same game), 1 Game Suspension

Cruz Azul
Amarillas-Julio Dominguez
Rojas-Gabriel Penalba (guilty of serious foul play), 1 Game Suspension

Amarillas-Osvaldo Gonzalez, Rodrigo Salinas, Paulo Da Silva, Pablo Barrientos, Alfredo Diaz (delay of game)

Amarillas-Miguel Samudio, Michael Arroyo, William Da Silva, Oribe Peralta (dissent by word or action)

Amarillas-Gerardo Arteaga, Carlos Izquierdoz, Jorge Sanchez

Amarillas-Kristian Alvarez
Rojas-Cristian Pellerano (guilty of serious foul play), 1 Game Suspension