Diesciplinary Commission Opens Investigations (Updated x2)

A busy week for the Disciplinary Commission got underway today with 2 separate announcements, both related to the Pumas-Cruz Azul game: First, an investigation into the events between Nicolas Castillo & Gabriel Penalba, possibly pertaining to the officials. Second, Cruz Azul has appealed the ejection of Penalba in the 37th minute as being erroneous.

More on both cases as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Cruz Azul’s appeal of Penalba’s ejection has been denied.

UPDATE 2: The Castillo-Penalba incident pertained to Penalba possibly spitting on Castillo. The Commission announced today (1/18) there was inconclusive evidence there was such an incident, so no additional punishment against Penalba will be handed out.