Disciplinary Report-Gran Final 2nd Leg

The Disciplinary Commission today released the (very long) list of sanctions and warnings issued from the Gran Final 2nd Leg. Thanks in small part to an extra-time sideline get-together and pleasntry-exchanging there were over a dozen cards issued with 4 sanctions, meaning both Tigres & America start the second half down 2 players. Also, the Commission ruled on America’s appeal of Paolo Goltz’s ejection-the Commission ruled in favor of America as being an erroneous call and overturned the ejection, so Goltz will not be suspended for the start of the Clausura 2017 Tournament.

The full list (all Amarillas were for unsportsmanlike conduct unless otherwise noted):
Amarillas-Jorge Torres (dissent by words or actions), Hugo Ayala, Guido Pizarro (dissent by words or actions), Andre-Pierre Gignac
Rojas-Jorge Torres (2 Amarillas in same game), 1 Game Suspension, Jose Rivas (violent conduct), 2 Game Suspension

Amarillas-Carlos Quintero, Pablo Aguilar (dissent by words or actions), Miguel Samudio (delay of game), Bruno Valdez, Rubens Sambueza, Michael Arroyo
Rojas-Rubens Sambueza (2 Amarillas in same game), 1 Game Suspension, Ventura Alvarado (violent conduct), 2 Game Suspension