Disciplinary Commission Ruling On Pachuca Incident

The Disciplinary Committee today released it’s findings and final rulings in relation to events that took place outside Estadio Hidalgo after the Pachuca-Necaxa game on November 27. The report also revealed exactly what happened, here is a brief summary based on a translation of the report:
30 minutes after the game ended, an injured person was reported on Boulevard Rojo Gomez, a nearby street, with a stab wound to his right side. He was taken to Estadio Hidalgo for treatment then hospitalized-he was released 2 hours later. A subsequent report to league authorities did not indicate that the incident took place on a public highway and not on stadium grounds. Local authorities did file a report confirming that it occurred on a public highway, and apparently the victim did not choose to file a complaint with the local prosecutor’s office.

The Committee conducted an investigation to determine if any rules corresponding to the Statutes and Regulations of the Mexican Football (Soccer) Federation were violated. Since the investigation confirmed the incident happened on a public road, and said road was not the responsibility of Club Pachuca, the Committee will not issue any sanctions against Pachuca and the matter is considered closed.