League Assembly Meeting Notes

Today was the annual assembly meeting of Liga Bancomer MX teams and the FMF (Mexican soccer federation), some of the important notes from the press release:
The 2017-2018 schedule was released, key dates:
June 5-8-Apertura 2017 transfer window
July 15-16-Super COPA MX & Campeon de Campeones 2016-17
July 21-23-Apertura 2017 opening weekend
December 13-14-Clausura 2018 transfer window
January 5-7, 2018-Clausura 2018 opening weekend

The other major item was the announcement of the Liga MX Femenil, a women’s pro league. It is not known how many teams there will be starting out but the base guidelines for rosters were set: Minimum roster size for all teams is 21, 2 must be goalies; The teams will be U-23/Sub-23, meaning all players must be age 23 or younger, and there must be 4 under-17 players per team as substitutes; And in this first season there will be no foreign players allowed-all must be Mexicans although Mexican-Americans may be allowed if they meet FIFA requirements. The league will begin with a Cup tournament in April or May 2017, an exhibition tour in July & August, and then a regular season of an Apertura tournament from September-December 2017 and a Clausura tournament from February-May 2018.

Other key topics discussed were a 5-year scheduling plan, COPA MX modifications and possibly internationalizing Mexican teams among other topics.