Disciplinary Report: Quarterfinals 2nd Leg

The Disciplinary Commission today announced the sanctions from the 2nd leg of the Apertura 2016 Gran Fiesta quarterfinals. It’s a rather long list with 4 ejections, 3 of which were incurred by Tijuana including both their coach and assistant coach getting tossed early on. Because Tijuana is now out of the playoffs, all 3 suspended individuals will have to sit out the first game of the Clausura 2017 Tournament. Necaxa also will be missing Claudio Riano for the first game of their matchup with America due to his being ejected against Pachuca.
Also of note, the Commission announced that regarding events that took place at Estadio Azteca during the first match of the America-Guadalajara matchup, the investigation has concluded and America was punished with a Notice of Veto Stadium for violating Article 51 of Regulations, and an undisclosed fine. The article has something to do with being in the area of the stadium within 8 hours of game time. And there also will be an investigation into events that took place after the Necaxa-Pachuca game at Estadio Hidalgo. No further details were released.

The full list-unless noted otherwise all Amarillas were for Unsportsmanlike Conduct:
Amarillas-Guido Pizarro

Amarillas-Abraham Gonzalez, Jesus Gallardo

Amarillas-Aviles Herrera, Guido Rodriguez, Victor Aguilera (dissent by word or action)
Rojas-Miguel Herrera (disrespecting match officials), 1 Game Suspension, Diego Ramirez (making constant complaints or protest decisions by an official), 1 Game Suspension, Vitor Pereira (guilty of serious foul play), 1 Game Suspension

Amarillas-Guillermo Burdisso, William Yarbrough

Amarillas-Orbelin Pineda, Jair Rodriguez, Isaac Munoz

Amarillas-Oribe Peralta

Amarillas-John Medina, Omar Gonzalez

Amarillas-Jairo Gonzalez, Michael Garcia, Brayan Beckeles, Fernando Meza, Severo Meza
Rojas-Claudio Riano (guilty of serious foul play), 1 Game Suspension