Liga MX and the Mexican soccer family express their condolences to the families and victims of the horrific plane crash in Colombia which killed 75 of the 81 onboard, including members of the Chapecoense (Brazil) soccer team which was flying to Medellin, Colombia for the first half of the Copa Sudamerica (South American Cup) finals, the second-biggest tournament in South America. Details are still sketchy and coming out but the initial cause of the crash was reported to be electrical failure, although the survivors-including at least 2 players on the team, maybe 3 although one was later reported as dead-said the plane may have run out of fuel about 5 minutes before landing. The game was considered the game of their lives for many of the players and staff of the team from Chapeco, a city of about 200,000 in southern Brazil, as for many of them it would probably be their version of the World Cup.

Source: Associated Press,