Welcome to my new blog! I am designing this site for fans of Mexico’s Liga Bancomer MX soccer league, which is the top-tier national league, as an English-language resource for American fans as almost all the current league coverage is in Spanish. The coverage will mainly focus on results, stats and important news items from the league. Most of the site’s updates and posts will be done on weekends as games are usually held on Saturdays & Sundays with usually one game on Friday nights except for disciplinary reports which normally come out Monday or Tuesday as well as the weekend’s attendance reports. All the news items will be translated as best I can from the league’s official Spanish-language website, http://www.ligabancomer.mx. Also be aware that this site will not cover the second-tire Ascenso MX league except at the end of the season when promotion/demotion time rolls around for the Bancomer MX.

Activity will start picking up the weekend of Novermber 18-20 with the site’s first weekend of activity-Round 17 of the Apertura 2016 tournament, the regular season finale. Until then I will add some stats and historical information about the league and it’s background. Enjoy and come back regularly!

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